Electric Vehicle Charging Stations



This market has seen Electric vehicle sales jump 32%-45% from 2012-2016, and PZSE is dedicated to ensuring that the demand for charging stations will be completely satisfied.

Product Knowledge

PZSE provides structural consultation, design and engineering services for a variety of EV charging stations, manufacturers and installers. Our portfolio includes shopping centers, national grocery store chains, parking garages, business parks and distribution centers.

Some of our larger clients include Tesla, and Charge Point, as well as the global freight distributor, FedEX.

PZSE is proud to be working with our partners as they take a large step forward to the goal of clean energy. FedEx hired PZSE’s Engineering Services to transition their warehouses, as well as 10,000 vehicles to Electric at the rate of 1,000 per year over the Next 10 years.  

Engineering Design

As part of the project design process, our engineers perform the design and analysis of EV equipment attachments and anchorage including but not limited to, foundations, custom mounting systems, parking garages and other commercial structures, as well as preparing structural documentation for the purpose of EV permit approvals.  In addition to our knowledge of local conditions and jurisdictions, PZSE has a wide range of experience in code compliance working with Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJs across the US).

Development of Customized Tools 

PZSE hasdeveloped unique analysis tools and proprietary software to assist in evaluating the structural demands and capacities of EV Charging Stations for environmental loads such as wind, seismic and snow. The software incorporates on-site field conditions & parameters providing compliance with the structural requirements of ASCE/SEI7-10 & 7-16, IBC and local AHJ amendments.