Market Sectors


PZSE embraces offering a wide menu of services such as structural design, consultation, seismic upgrades and feasibility studies to meet the varied structural requirements of commercial environments. When planning viable design solutions, we consider budget, health and safety, sustainability, aesthetics and constructability to provide engineering results in which you can be confident.


PZSE is proud to provide expertise in the rapidly expanding market of Photovoltaic systems.  Examples of our proficiency and knowledge in this arena include structural design and permit ready calculations for wind, seismic and snow loading for all types of mounting systems and structures.  We also provide structural analysis and code certification of photovoltaic racking systems.

Multi Family & Production Homes

Quality communities including new multi-family residential buildings and production home neighborhoods with nearby amenities are in high demand.  PZSE offers experience and knowledgeable structural system solutions to assist the client and project team in meeting acoustical comfort, efficiency, safety and sustainability goals.


Religious facilities play an important and multifaceted role in the fabric of life and the community.  Structures with heightened space, dynamic in form and function are often the welcoming foundation of a campus.  These buildings are wonderful examples of PZSE structural expertise in action.  We are honored to be entrusted with such projects.


From custom homes to production homes, PZSE is motivated to provide structural solutions that create a livable, luxurious and welcoming home environment.  We enjoy working with the client, design and building team throughout the development, design, permit and construction phases, helping concepts become reality.


PZSE is excited to be at the forefront of the 5G wireless infrastructure revolution, which is currently in its early stages. Poised to change how we all work and play, the new highspeed 5G technology is projected to be implemented over the next decade by phasing out the older 4G infrastructure.

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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

By 2050, forecasts estimate that 50% of all vehicles in United States will be electric vehicles. With the current technology allowing electric vehicles on average to travel up to 43 miles for every dollar spent on charging costs, PZSE will be at the forefront of providing engineering services on installations ensuring every vehicle has a charging station.